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The highlights from the interview in Het Nieuwsblad:

  • the songs that didn't make it to the album were too soft or too old school
  • they've never had a lot of outtakes
  • He's no longer interested in the achievement of dEUS in the past: he wants to move ahead with the current line-up
  • The stability in the line-up makes them more productive in all ways: they are inspired to do nice videos and other extra's, things they didn't do in the past
  • His sister is really important. She was one of the first persons that listened to the album
  • He wants the album to score with a broader audience than before
  • A lot of lyrics on the album are about Tom
  • He wanted to ask Luc Tuymans for the artwork too, but his work was too "flou" for Vantage Point
  • He's really hoping on a breakthrough outside Belgium, but they will need some luck for that
  • The choir on Popular Culture are all kids of friends
  • There's footage of the choir and it will be available online soon
  • About the documentary by Manu Riche: they're still following him and he's got no clue when it will be finished.
  • He thinks his mother will be the star of it
  • He's not so vain he likes to see himself back on tv

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