15 April 2008 at 22:01 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

  • Tom thinks Vantage Point is a new beginning for dEUS
  • Tom says there's a sort of brutality in Vantage Point that reminds him of the early days, but they've got better songs now
  • Tom played a different role during the recordings. They've written more songs together (Slow and All You Got are real group-songs
  • Lies Lorquet reminds him of Kim Deal and Juliana Hatfield
  • The vanishing of Maria Schneider was the result of Tom crooning the song like Iggy Pop did The Idiot
  • Karin Dreijer Anderson saw dEUS live in 1998 (?) in Stockholm and screamed for Gimme The Heat
  • In Popular Culture he sings about being inspired by popular culture and asking yourself the question if it's ok to do so

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  1. Jyves says:

    Jeez, Bart, go get some sleep :)
    (but it's all greatly appreciated)

    I think this journalist got it wrong: the words "All You Got" sound very much like "Oh Your God"...

  2. Johan says:

    Thanks Bart, it's great to read all this while being abroad !!!

  3. Erin says:

    Very interesting about Karin being a fan of Gimme the Heat!