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1. When She Comes Down

  • a song about transience and the attempts to keep the unique moment of a gig you share with loads of people
2. Oh Your God
  • contains the phrase Who looks over my shoulder
  • about Tom's search for confirmation
3. Eternal Woman
  • about the desire to a neverending love
4. Favourite Game
5. Slow
  • the international single
  • guest-appearance Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife
6. The Architect
  • the first single in Belgium
  • an ode to Richard Buckminster Fuller, an American scientist, architect, poet and designer
  • a beautiful story about somebody who turns off his ego and uses his genie for humanity
  • it contains edited samples of Fullers voice
  • sung by Mauro

7. Is a Robot

  • a critic on the life Tom was (and is) living
  • all routine is deadly for creativity (also the routine of having a party every day)
8. Smokers Reflect
  • could be a song from the Pocket Revolution-sessions
  • includes a beautiful piano refrain
  • a song about love’s regret.
9. The Vanishing of Maria Schneider
  • guest-appearance by Guy Garvey from Elbow
  • an old-world, super-romantic Technicolor lovesong
  • a lilting meditation upon the transitory nature of beauty
  • about actrice Maria Scheider, Tom's personification of eternal youth
  • Scheider was brilliant in Last Tango In Paris (with Marlon Brando)
10. Popular Culture
  • contains raggedy choirs singing philosophical choruses over strings and a veritable Phil Spector Wall Of Sound.

If you have additions to this list, just leave it in the comments or drop me a line.

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