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A quick summary of the LiveXS-interview:

  • they started working on the new album after the Pocket Revolution-tour because they wanted to keep the energy of the 150-gigs they played in the current line-up
  • they were very aware of the direction they were going
  • Tom says they've thrown away their ego's and try to make a good team
  • He's no longer saying that frictions are necessary to make good art
  • they've used all dEUS-voices on Vantage Point, every bandmember is singing and Tom says it was a fantastic experience
  • It's fun to surprise the fans after so many years with the fact Mauro is doing the lead vocals on The Architect
  • Vantage Point is a new start for the band, they've discovered a new way of working, with a focus on live-performances and 'jamsessions with vision'
  • Tom says they're currently playing the semi-finals of the Champions League, but the goal it to get in the final.
  • The big target is (finally) an international breakthrough, but a couple of elements they don't control are also important to succeed.
  • He's happy the record is released in Japan because it opens a new world for them
  • Tom also gave some info on a couple of tracks, but I'll come back to that later this week in a track-by-track overview of the album.

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