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There's an interview with Tom about 0110 in Het Laatste Nieuws today.

  • Tom thinks 0110 is important because it will show Vlaams Belang that a couple of the best know Flemish singers (like Laura Lynn, Clouseau, Helmut Lotti and Will Tura is not supporting them)
  • He refused to react on the open letter from Filip De Winter because that would create a negative spiral
  • There were some talks with the artists that received an open letter, but everybody kept supporting the basic-idea behind 0110.
  • 0110 is already a succes because it brings together artists from different genres
  • At the moment about 40 people are working on the organisation of the event (people from Rock Werchter and other festivals)
  • About the venues: they can easily receive 30.000 people in Antwerp and 15.000 in Ghent
  • Christian Pierre has been fundraising: 150.000 euro
  • They have received 15.000 sms-messages so far
  • They also received some cash from Fnac and the National Lotery
  • Tom is aware of the fact that people will measure the succes of 0110 by the number of votes Vlaams Belang will get. He thinks 0110 will not stop Vlaams Belang, but it's important that Flemish artists give a positive signal.
  • The open letter from Filip De Winter has encouraged a lot of artists to join 0110
  • Tom has received some hatemail and he was threatened while walking around in Antwerp too
  • From October 2nd, he'll start writing for the new album. They'll start recording spring 2007.

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