12 September 2006 at 19:56 posted by Bart Van Belle 5 Comments

In my mailbox today: Brecht Vaes asking me if I knew if anyone has written a book about dEUS already....

As far as I know there's no book about the band. Maybe someone has made a schoolwork about dEUS (I know Kevin Moens did something). And the Cucamonga-series from 2003 is also giving a nice overview.

Anyway, I think the idea could be great. But writing it is something else ofcourse. First of all, whoever wants to write something like this needs time. And money. And someone who's willing to publish the book. And there's loads of practical questions too: what language? which title? who should be interview? who are key-figures in the dEUS-history? etcetera. If someone writes a book about dEUS what would you want it to be like? Who should be in? Please give your opinion in the comments.

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  1. dreamone says:

    I actually thought about that idea recently, and there'd be a whole lot to write about...

    Language: English, definitely. For the sake of all the European & international fans. Besides, I imagine such a big piece of work destined for a Benelux-release only being totally anti-lucrative.

    Title: all the freaks up front :)

    Interviews / Important people: Basically the current line-up plus Craig, Stef, Danny, Rudy, Jules... but that's only a starting point. There are several ex-members off the early 90s, tour managers, relatives & family, hardcore & longtime fans (jyves, Arthur...), label a&r's, support bands, fellow musicians (Tim!), producers, record studio owners, press articles + interviews, concert travellers, music video actors, ... anyone who crossed paths with the band and has got something to say, really.

    Since there is so much significant information scattered around the web (hotellounge.com, I Suffer Rock, this blog etc.) nowadays, it would be quite wise to keep track of it before the dust of ages sinks down or dEUS might split up, stop working, do another 6-year-hiatus, whatever.

    The only thing missing would be an author, indeed...

  2. zjitnepoz says:

    i also have had this in mind for six months or so. but first i wanted to finish school and afterwards going to study literature. and then writing a biography about dEUS... but that would be 2011.

    but it leads to another question: how do you write a book about a band? [let's call it A book about a band]
    isn't a book normally following one guy/girl. isn't it nice to do something very unique. like a chapter about tom, a chapter about stef, three books about mauro, a chapter about rudy etc.

    or maybe it's just easier to work chronologically. and just following dEUS without including zita swoon, kiss my jazz, evil superstars and only introducing them

  3. Jeff says:

    I've no idea at this moment but if you try to write something, I'll help you.

  4. Erin says:

    "but it leads to another question: how do you write a book about a band? isn't a book normally following one guy/girl."

    This is true, BUT there are plenty of great band biographies out there. I'm looking at the multitude of bible-sized U2 books on my shelf right now. I always thought it would be very interesting to document the Belgian music scene in book-format... While a massive undertaking, that's also been done. There's a book about Canadian Rock music (definitely no easy feat!) as well as books chronicling the rise of punk music, new wave, rock, etc etc etc... the possibilites are endlesss, which is great, seeing as it seems as though a variety of people are thinking of this. And I say, the more books about dEUS, the better! :)

  5. Ziggy says:

    Actually i am doing a bit of this myself, i started to collect interviews, reviews, tour schedules and so on. And my idea is to produce a book by year with the most important facts about the band but always using their own words about the issue.
    The name i have for this is The Words of dEUS!