3 July 2006 at 09:37 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

Finally found some time to write a review of the Werchter-gig. For various reason my girlfriend and I did what devoted fans ought to do: we skipped all other bands and only drove to Werchter to have a look at dEUS. We arrived around 10 o' clock in the evening, had a drink in the press-area and entered the festivalfield around 11.

We looked for a place somewhere around the p.a and had a good view on stage. Instead of the Sun Ra-opening sample, dEUS entered stage on the What We Talk About-remix that won the Stubru-contest. They almost immediately knocked me down with fabulous versions of Turnpike, Stop-Start Nature and Instant Street.

I was surprised to hear them play Nightshopping (a song they didn't play a lot during the clubtour), but it rocked. Compared to the clubgigs they also dropped the Magnus-songs (which I don't regret). Once again Mauro was doing a great job. I've almost complety forgotten how Craig did Mauro's job.

It was clear they were also videorecording the gig (probably for the dvd). The big screens were only showing Brian Molko's face during Placebo's gig. But during dEUS they were showing (mostly black & white) images of the band and the audience.

Crowd response was very good. The olders songs were getting the most reaction. I heard a great version of Little Arithmetics and a superb Sun Ra. The festival exploded when Klaas played the intro of Suds & Soda. Definitely thé one and only rockanthem for Belgian people.

Before Nothing Really Ends Tom did his call for support for the gigs on October 1st. They used the big screens to communicate the sms-number. The regular set ended with Bad Timing. First encore was Pocket Revolution. A stunning version of Roses left Werchter completely knock out. I even think nobody noticed dEUS left stage a couple of minutes to early.

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  1. Laura says:

    My friends and I noticed it... but all the concerts finished earlier than it was announced in the program, so we were already used with it.

  2. vie el says:

    i totally agree with you bellebeest it was a great deus gig!

  3. pascal says:

    it was the 5th time I've seen dEUS...the Werchtergig was defenitely the best I've ever seen. It was really really good.