3 July 2006 at 08:59 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

I checked dns data for the domain 0110.be and I noticed it wasn't registered by a guy called Dominiek Six. Since I didn't notice a dEUS-link, I did some Google-research and it appears that Joren Six was using www.0110.be as the domain name for his weblog. Somebody from the dEUS-management called him at the end of May. Six was asked if dEUS could use his domain for a couple of months. And he agreed.

The 0110-website will apparently be made by Netwise, a company that also did some work for the dEUS-website back in 1999.

btw: bands for the 0110-festivals are set to be announced today. De Morgen writes there's a press conference this afternoon.

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  1. Jyves says:

    0110 = 6 (Six) in binary numbers... very smart domain name :-)

  2. Joren Six says:

    I have temporarily moved my blog to blog.0110.be for anyone interested. Jyves that was indeed how I chose the name :)

  3. About Dominiek Six or Dominique Six: De Grote Leerweek

  4. Joren Six says:

    Haha, nice find. That's my father, Dominiek. He arranges alternative punishments. Check Halte-R.be if you are interested in what he does. Anyways, he has little to do with 0110.be. The DNS information has been updated also. 0110.be is registered on my name now, as it should be. I changed this to correct the telephone number that was mentioned in the whois entry.