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Two words. GREAT. GIG. I was a little bit afraid that Vorst would be too big for dEUS, but it worked out fine. We were sitting in the back, just behind the PA and had a great view on the stage and the pit. Elbow was a good support act (I've seen worser). dEUS started at 21.10h and played for about two hours.

The setlist was changed compared to the AB-gigs (they deleted Magdalena, Cold Sun of Circumstance and 7 days, 7 weeks). Good
changes if you ask me.

Pocket Revolution opened, followed by an intense version of Stop-Start Nature. It was the start of a great hour: One Advice, Space (one of the songs that was selected by the fans), a great version of Instant Street (first big crowd reaction) and an explosive Fell Off The Floor, Man. Youth sentiment when they played Via (the song I usually use to get into the first rows).

The lightshow was sober, but great. The band was playing a lot in the half dark. Also nice to see that quiet songs as The Real Sugar worked out well. They played WCS and Put The Freaks Up Front. I was expecting something special during Theme From Turnpike (the dancers), but it didn't happen. Roses was a killer as usual.

The crowd-reaction was rather disappointing. I expected more jumping and dancing in the pit. I only saw a bunch of 30 people moving from time to time. I'll try to do beter tonight, when I'll be in the pit.

I also have my doubts if playing two Magnus-songs was a good thing. At least they couldn't catch my attention (as other dEUS-songs do) and I saw a lot of people around me with less of more the same problem. Which doesn't mean they should only play the classics of course. They played a not very inspired version of What We Talk About, but Little Arithmetics and Nothing Really Ends were great again.

Tom was having some voice-problems during the first encore. Nevertheless, Bad Timing became beter and beter the longer it lasted. No Tim Vanhamel during If You Don't Get What You Want this time. Suds & Soda was the bomb Vorst was waiting for. The crowd went totally crazy. The Sabotage-part (first time I saw it live) also rocked.

The second round of encores kicked off with Hotellounge (a good thing they rehabilated it). We left during Serpentine to avoid traffic jams.

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