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just heard pieces om Tom in Neon. Some quick notes (I will add more info and links later this weekend)

About Zomergasten

  • He picked the fragment of Lost in La Mancha because he's a fan of making offs.
  • Tom talks about a nightmare that happened to him. This is probably the leaking of the album
  • He selected Bad Timing as movie because he hasn't seen it for a long time. He saw part of it a couple of months ago on BBC. Also selected it because it's a song on Pocket Revolution
  • Two fragments of Some Kind of Monster that will certainly be shown are the part were they are talking about working from twelve to four and the part were where James Hetfield is saying to be tired of rock 'n' roll.
  • He also picked something from a documentary about Marvin Gaye to talk about Oostende, one of his favorite cities in Belgium

About the new album

  • They're thinking about the videoclip right now
  • Tom described Pocket Revolution as a eclectic album
  • Tom says Mauro has changed the dEUS-sound just a little bit.
  • 7 days, 7 weeks was recorded with the old line-up
  • Tom said Craig and Mauro are both brilliant guitarist
  • Tom confirms Stef singing on two songs (one with Radio Candip)
  • Nothing Really Ends was added to the album because it deserves a worldwide release

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