12 July 2005 at 21:37 posted by Bart Van Belle 4 Comments

It appears the new dEUS-album has been leaked exactly two months before the official release. It should be out there somewhere.

I have mixed feelings about it: as a fan it's off course great to have the possibility to listen to an album you've been waiting for six years.

On the other hand it shows the weakness of the recording industry. They send advance copy's almost two months before the release and then ofcourse there will be one rotten apple who will throw the thing on a peer-to-peer-network. This kind of things happen with all bands. Shouldn't they first try to catch the people (from within the music industry!!) who distribute the albums instead of the people who download them?

Let's all hope the person responsible for this is catched and this whole thing will not influence record sales too much. But on the other hand, Tom said a while ago he wasn't too worried about record sales. And maybe it's a good thing after all: maybe the record company can add some stuff to the album: a poster, a bonus track, ...

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  1. Kevin says:

    Since there aren't many releases during the summer, I think it's a good way to start the fuss. About the album: oh yeah, it's a winner baby!

  2. Damien says:

    I don't feel so bad downloading it as I know I'll be getting it anyway, going to the gigs, buying the singles etc but yeah, its great. Can't wait to see this live.

  3. jo says:

    thought I'd add my 2p...!

    it's unfortunate that albums get sent out so early, but necessary... so many magazines have longer lead-in times for reviews... things have changed so much nowadays, from how they used to be... nowadays you schedule a release 3-4 months up front - rather than the record coming into your warehouse and just making it available, like it used to be...

    in the end, there's no way of stopping an album being available for download, prior to release.. putting obstacles in the way to make it difficult is one way (releasing vinyl-only promos - White Stripes, or just copy protected cd's - but then you can get around that), so it's something people are having to learn to live with...

    Having said that, I'm on dialup at home anyway, but a friend sent the album to me via yousendit... all bar one song... now I'm hoping v2 will send me a promo ;)

  4. keilo says:

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