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Arthur gave more info on Pocket Revolution today.

  • The total playing time of the album is 61:17.
  • Nothing Really Ends will be a bonus track
  • The front cover artwork is by Don Lawrence, one of the best British comic strip artists (known for example for Storm).
  • Wheels, a song which was one of the revelations during the 2004 autumn tour, will be a b-side.
  • Sun Ra will feature vocals by Stef-Kamil Carlens (and Stef will be a guest on a few other songs).
  • Craig and Danny are also on the album (since some pieces were record before the "big bang" in october last year.

And the official site has two new band-pictures by Alex Salinas.

And I found this on a German site: the playing time of each song.

  1. bad timing (7:07)
  2. 7 days, 7 weeks (3:53)
  3. start stop nature (4:28)
  4. if you don't get what you want (3:49)
  5. what we talk about (4:44)
  6. include me out (5:02)
  7. pocket revolution (6:01)
  8. nightshopping (4:03)
  9. cold sun of circumstance (5:44)
  10. the real sugar (3:58)
  11. sun ra (6:43)
  12. nothing really ends (5:35)

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  1. Rutger says:

    hey! nice blog! love it allready! anyway... will sunra be the only song with Stefs vocals? I thought there would be a few more...