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Humo has a nice series about the girls behind rocksongs. One of the first songs they talked about was Magdalena, one of my personal dEUS-favorites.

Magdalena Przybylek had a relation with Tom at the end of 1998, during the recording sessions of The Ideal Crash. She met Tom on a party at Danny Mommens' place and they exchanged numbers. The song does perfectly describe their relationship. 'Now you're holding back, and I'm holding on'.

They had a relationship for about a year, but since Tom was touring that period, Magdalena says two months would be more correct. She even joined the band on tour and was 'impressed' by the dirty state of the tourbus.

She's not following dEUS anymore these days. Her son is called Deuce, but that's after Deuce Bigalow, one of her favorite movies.

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    is she an actress?