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There's a great article about Tom in De Standaard today. Tom is talking about his father and the fact his father died when he was only 17. He says he has been living with deadlines since he was young.

His father was 63 when Tom was born and Tom was always thinking when I'm then my father will be 73, etcetera. He's also always planning things like 'I want to make my first movie before my 30th anniversary', etcetera. He wrote a song about this continously counting for Keep You Close: the song is called Numbers.

As you probably know already the song Right As Rain is about the death of Tom's father. He sings  His only vice was that he died while I did a little dance. And that's how it really happenend.

For the non-dutch speaking people: here's a translation by Google Translate (not 100% accurate, but good enough to understand)

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