13 January 2010 at 12:00 posted by Jean-Yves 7 Comments

This month, each weekly issue of HUMO magazine comes with an instalment of the 4-part "Belgentop 2000", a compilation containing 80 of the past decade's best songs by Belgian artists. dEUS is featured on all 4 CD's, with Nothing Really Ends (Jan. 5), If You Don't Get What You Want (Jan. 12), What We Talk About (Jan. 19) and The Architect (Jan. 26).

See the complete tracklisting on HUMO's website. There are also songs by Mauro, Tom's Magnus, Stef Kamil's Zita Swoon, Danny's Vive la Fête, but not a single Dead Man Ray song.

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  1. Jean-Yves says:

    I didn't want to write this directly in this news item, to keep thing neutral, but the tracklist certainly doesn't do justice to the "BELGENtop" title. Of the 80 tracks, just ONE is by a (now deceased) artist from the French-speaking community of Belgium. Where are the likes of Ghinzu, Girls in Hawaii, Sharko, Austin Lace, Aeroplane, ...? It's Vlaamsetop 2000, really.

  2. João X says:

    I don't agree much with this list also, but oh well.

    I'm to say that on dEUS podcast is a post with photos from Sander Jurkiewicz from dEUS rehearsing at Vantage Point.

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