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Some more news on the Worst Case Scenario-reissue. As mentioned before the reissue will have 2 cd's and a dvd. One cd will contain the remastered version of Worst Case Scenario, the other other one will contain the b-sides (including Zea) from that era.

The most interesting part will probably be the dvd. It contains live-footage, photographs, a VPRO-documentary about the album and the brandnew documentary Time Is The State Of My Jeans: The Making of Worst Case Scenario. The documentary not only tells the story of WCS, it also contains items where Brian Molko and Guy Garvey en Gary Lightbody tell about their WCS-experience.
The documentary was co-produced by digital tv-station Acht. The week before the release will be dEUS-week at Acht. They will broadcast the new documentary and a compilation of the two Pukkelpop-gigs that week.
(thx to Michael)

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