7 February 2009 at 14:49 posted by Bart Van Belle 5 Comments

dEUS won 2 Belgian Music Industry Awards yesterday evening: Best rock and best album. A big disappointment since they were nominated 9 times. Milow was the big winner with 5 awards. Tom, Klaas and Mauro were present to receive the awards, but apparently they already had some champagne before the show.

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  1. Woep says:

    I'm disappointed that dEUS didn't get more then 2 MIA's, but I'm more disappointed in Tom's attitude at the award show. :-(

  2. lovedeus says:

    i read at some places that people were disappointed in how Tom behaved. what did he do?

  3. jude says:

    They got their first award and didn't say much, except for Tom who said 'tot subiet' which means see you soon.

    But they perceived this was a bit odd i guess because the second award they said a bit more and even thanked people.


    I think the show was boring and could use some spicing up. Boredom eased by champaign perhaps? Probably not their proudest moment but not the big deal people seem to make of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think that, considering all the hard work they've done over the years and especially with "Vantage Point", they've deserved the awards for "best live act" and "best group".
    Tom should get credit for his writingskills and hopefully he gets it from the people that really listen what he says in his songs rather than look how he behaves.
    "Passion", i only feel it with this band at the Mia's and overall in Belgium.
    This is my humble opinion.
    As for Toms' behavior? I love it!!!
    Love Zya xxx

  5. Tommy says:

    Fuck the mia's if rockers can't act rock'n roll anymore, keep it real Tom, goe dat ge niet toegeeft aan al die posers! :)