23 December 2008 at 21:10 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

Since the year is almost over and we shouldn't probably)expect any dEUS-news soon, I'd like to post a short thank you-message to all the people who contributed to this blog this year (Jean-Yves, Denis, Arthur, Eva, Thijs, Michael, Gilles, Harry, Paul, ... and all the other ones I forgot about). Thanks a lot for your input. It's been a great help to keep this blog up to date.
Also a big thank you to Christian and Tom for the 'leaking' of official news and all the extra's (the prelistening-session, the gigs, ....) that made 2008 a dEUS-year I'll never forget.
And ofcourse also a big thank you to Tom, Alan, Klaas, Mauro, Stéphane and the whole crew for being so omnipresent this year.
See you soon!

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  1. lovedeus says:

    it's been a pleasure :)

    and i agree - it's been a fantastic dEUS year


  2. Zeer graag gedaan. Bedankt om ons op de hoogte te houden van al het dEUS nieuws... Het was inderdaad een schitterend jaar op dat gebied.
    Geniet van de eindejaarsfeesten en tot in 2009!

  3. Merci à eux alors ;) !

    Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à tous les fans de dEUS !