14 May 2008 at 21:20 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

This Is Fake DIY isn't exactly impressed by the double A-side-single The Architect / Slow. Some quotes:

'The Architect' is over the top Euro pop tosh that wouldn't look too out of place on a soundtrack to a 1980s spoof movie.

...an embarrassing mess of a single that washes away all memories of dEUS' earlier (and better) output.

'Slow' sounds like something that dEUS could have mustered up in their sleep.

Unless you are a die hard fan, or are looking to bulk out the 'D' section of your CD collection, this is one to best leave behind.

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  1. João says:

    I'm not too impressed with the new record. Good, but many of the old school fans still like more the chaotic dEUS.

    And cuting with the past is not a very good idea.

  2. João says:
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