21 April 2008 at 17:44 posted by Jean-Yves 2 Comments

What is really important to you? That's the question asked to Tom Barman by the people of the 99Matters website. In a one-minute video, Tom talks about passion and the word he hates: "Whatever."

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  1. When tom was asked why only the living become the eternal nothing, never tables, chairs and 'whatever', he replied that that had to do with ongoing selections beyond coincidence and that you will see everybody, including himself, lie about that during this or that occasion. Because lies like that can set you back so much that you are able to create something very beautiful after the fall.
    He then referred to the intro from do you lie? on the parade album from prince.

  2. Then when tom was asked about what happens during the fall he referred to cachita from moondog jr. It's a superfall in real. He also mentioned that even back then moondog jr. with stef kamil carlens, like dEUS, was not as un-international as many belgians like to claim.