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Dutch newspaper BN De Stem has an interview with Tom.

  • He talks about his relationship with time: ever since he was a child, he's been wondering how things would be in the future, and since his father died, he's been wondering how long he'd live.

  • He says that dEUS is and has always been his band, but that he's always been surrounded by people who could do their own thing.

  • About Popular Culture, the closing song on Vantage Point: according to the reporter it's the poppiest dEUS song ever, both ironic and dead serious in its lyrics (we are defined by pop culture). Tom says that Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni are the ultimate exemple of "high culture" and "low culture" getting together.

Update: there's also a short item about dEUS' upcoming try-out concert at Mezz in Breda. Asked why they want to play there in particular, Tom says:

It's a wonderful venue. The infrastructure is excellent, and so is their hospitality. To us, it is the perfect place to test our sound and our lightshow. I remember well our concert there in the summer of 2004. I almost died on stage, it was so hot! Inside the band we always call Mezz the mussel. Because of that shape.

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