21 April 2008 at 06:38 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

Tom talked about his favourite album in De Morgen this weekend. He picked Sign Of The Times by Prince and tells how he occasionally met Cat and Mico on the street before the concert in Antwerpen (1988).

Tom beautifully describes some songs and tells us how he managed to get in to the afterparty where he was recognized by Cat and introduced to Prince.

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  1. Ting Tong says:

    No, he didn't meet them "occasionally", he met them once when they were walking through Antwerp looking for a particular Chinese restaurant, to grab a bite pre-concert. This was in 1988, when Prince had a cocnert in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

    And it's Miko, with a "k", not a "c"?