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Elviejito spotted an interview in Spanish on Supernovapop.com. I let Google Translate run through it, so here's a quick summary.

  • They picked Vantage Point as the album title because they link it to their studio and they also wanted a title that they could explain within one minute
  • Tom says they're more motived than ever to record and play gigs
  • He thinks it's the second time there's a certain chemistry in dEUS, he's very happy with the band nowadays
  • He thinks Vantage Point has the same chemistry, the same sense of adventure as Worst Case Scenario
  • About Guy Garvey of Elbow: he's a sort of friend, Elbow supported dEUS two times in 2006
  • Tom wasn't happy with his voice in The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider, so he called Guy Garvey, although Garvey thought the song was ok he recorded his parts in the Massive Attack-studio in Brussels a couple of hours before they finished the album.
  • They created the studio also to save money on studio time and it's easy that Klaas can easily go and see his two little daughters
  • The live-version of Is A Robot is two minutes longer than the album-version
  • We shouldn't expect a new movie within five or six years
  • Tom says they'll play Summercase this summer (but it's the same day and the day after Melt Festival, so let's see how they can fit that in their schedule)
  • In autumn they'll come back to Spain for some club-shows in Barcelona, Madrid and a couple of other cities

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Bart!!! Journalist seems to be very enthusiastic with the album