4 April 2008 at 01:27 posted by Jean-Yves 0 Comments

There's an interview with Tom on Radio Soundportal's website, in German. Quick summary by lovedeus:

  • Tom gets asked who sings "The Architect" so he answers Mauro
  • Tom sings too, but hard to recognize because of the many effects (on his voice)
  • You can't say dEUS is predictable
  • The album's easy to be played live, in your face & groovy
  • Popular Culture: slightly ironic song, wanted to have the same atmosphere as in "Give peace a chance" by John Lennon
  • Tom likes these psychedelic, nice sing-along-songs with a sarcastic undertone
  • In the mixing studio there is a snooker table and Tom beat everyone at first. Then they started playing for money and so Tom lost 250 Euro to Dave McCracken. He (Dave) played like a god and Tom said let's stop but it was already to late. So he paid for his arrogance.

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