15 April 2008 at 12:20 posted by Jean-Yves 2 Comments

Look at this still from Actu24's video in the Vantage Point Studio... looks like this white board has a list of the songs that dEUS have been rehearsing for this tour! All Vantage Point songs, plus Suds & Soda, Via, Roses, Theme From Turnpike, Fell Off The Floor Man, Instant Street, What We Talk About, Bad Timing, Nothing Really Ends, Sun Ra, plus a few more which we don't see. Serpentine, The Ideal Crash (!) and Let's See Who Goes Down First (!!) are on that list, but sadly they're crossed out.

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  1. kevin says:

    what a great video! Tom commenting on other belgian bands.
    Some other interesting stills: the wall with all the covers (including cinerex, zita swoon etc) and the flightcase labeled 'Pedals Craig' (!)

  2. Jyves says:

    Yeah, I summarized that video at the bottom of the previous post (here).