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An video-interview with Tom from MTV Italy. Available in 7 snippets: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7.

I have no time to watch it now, so I anyone can, please post a summary in the comments.

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  1. britzelbeere says:

    - Tom says that he mailed Karen Dreijer if she would like to contribute her voice for a dEUS song. He also explains that there have always been guest singers on dEUS albums or that they have experimented with different voices Karen agreed and they send her a version of "Slow", of which the jam version to Tom sounded something like Tricky would have done in the 90s. Karen likes to sing to "real man's voices" cause in her own projects she has to pitch down her own voice to make it fit.

    - he talks about music channels that actually don't play music videos anymore or only at night and then you're not allowed to smoke in a video or show flashes or this and that.He said it doesn't ave the free spirit from the 90s, but he doesn't want to be a nostalgic. So he was thinking about not doing videos anymore cause it is double work for him, singing an directing. And he feels that the other members always look nice and relaxed and he looks like shit cause he's been working so hard. But he does it cause the manager encouraged and flattered him enought to make another one.

    - Tom says he loved the romanticism of the movies of the 60s and 70s and Maria Schneider appeared in some of them and is for him the personification of eternal youth and eternal beauty of which we all know doesn't exist. But since it's a perfect topic to write a song about he wanted to write a big epic love song about it.

    - Belgium has a big collection of painters, as opposed to Rock musicians, and he is sometimes jealous of them cause painters are also recognized for being from Belgium. Vantage Point means a strategic point from where you operate. He not only wanted to consciously make the album in Belgium/Antwerp but also to work with people from there.

    - He's avery physical person, he loves dancing and they were one of the first Rock bands that used choreography in their videos. People conceived them as a very serious band, which he says comes from pictures where they don't smile so they don't look like clowns. But he hopes that in the live shows they come across as having humour and dancing is one these aspects.

    - He says being in a band and making movies is hard to combine. He focusses on one thing at a time and right now it is touring with a stable line up. But he is preparing some movies.

    - The first guitar player from dEUS (Rudy???) wanted to make an intelligent porn movie with a good story and good lighting, it was too early for that when he had the idea. Then the french made movies like that and stole his ideas. He says that he was a dreamer but a very clever one.

  2. Jyves says:

    Oh, thanks for that BB!