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An interview with Mauro from Mijnnl, a Dutch citymagazine. Quick round-up:

  • if people say they hear a Mauro-influence in a song, they're mostly picking things that were Tom's idea
  • he says the Belgian music scene would be boring without Tom
Edit (Jyves): That interview made me laugh so hard I just had to share some bits from it - Mauro is the ultimate laid-back clown.
"Tom always expects us to come up with brilliant ideas, but there's never a shortage of ideas. That's a luxury. If I'm not inspired, because of the world situation or narcissic occupations, then the drummer will take care of providing ideas."

"dEUS and Evil Superstars were in the middle of the Belgian music boom in the 1990's, when suddenly anything from Belgium was great."

"I've played in ball orchestras, collaborated with extremely different people, I even made music for a doll theater. Anything is possible: I'm a professional."

"Vantage Point was named after our studio. Or so I thought. I've asked about that, but I still don't know what 'vantage' means exactly. I think it's something about a departure. So that, when the five of us are together, we are the vantage point. Sounds good eh? I just don't know if that's what it means. I've asked three times already, but you can't keep asking forever, so in the end you just make something up."

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  1. Jennifer says:

    come on man, if you feel bored, do the whole translationnnn !

  2. I loved the last part. It goes like this:
    "We'll definetly make another album. We've got the inspiration. It's very hard for us not to be inspired. They'd have to kidnap us and bring us separatly to some far away desert, where there are no musical instruments. But then again, even with a herring, a rubber ring and a laptop we can make a groove."
    Ah, Mauro. Gotta love him.