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Interview with Tom on the website of French magazine Les Inrocks. Again, I'll only summarize any information not published in another interview.

  • First, the interviewer writes that Slow is a dark diamond that would make Radiohead jealous.
  • Tom feels that his "creative virus" is back. The idea now is to explore how far the current dEUS line-up can go, music-wise. He however still finds it hard to write new songs, and wonders about that "intervention", when you've been stuck for days and suddenly you write a whole song in just five minutes (like Eternal Woman, written right after seeing a Pixies documentary).
  • Prince's Parade album was his main influence for Vantage Point. He likes that album because it's short, pop, rock, it's got ballads and it's fun.
  • After the autumn 2005 concert in Lille (F), Tom wanted to call it quits for dEUS, but the Paris concert a few days after made him feel that "they were back". He quotes John Lennon to say that he just adapted to the new situation and decided to go on.
  • The at times "spoken word" aspect of Tom's singing comes from his love for the 90's "white man rap", à la Beastie Boys, Massive Attack & Tricky. Back then he also enjoyed A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy & Wu-Tang Clan.
  • He doesn't mind that dEUS has been labelled as "arty rock", because the brain is the sexiest body part. He also thinks that serious-looking artists are often actually the funniest and dirtiest people -- and the opposite is also true.

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