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The website of Humo has some special features online: an overview of Tom Barman-quotes, a selection of dEUS-videos and footage from Humo's Rock Rally 1992. There will be an interview in tomorrow's magazine.

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  1. M.Cartmanez says:

    dude ! come on !
    translate the quotes plz!

    how do i rreach these kids??

  2. Here's another one for the collection.
    dEUS the selective nothingmaker

  3. "The amazing chemistry between adults in a rockband, I think that's a once in a lifetime experience. But I've been lucky, it's happening now for the second time. That's purely coincedence. You can't make it happen. People tell me: you're so lucky you picked Mauro. My standard reply: Mauro picked us! I cried when Rudy Trouvé en Stef Kamil Carlens left dEUS. But now I'm no longer 22 years old. I'm no longer naieve. I've learnt that you can't stay together for ever." septembre 2006

    "We make popmusic. That's it. Full stop. Popmusic doesn't heal cancer. If you're very lucky, it heals a failed relationship. Or it brightens up a dull car ride to Vilvoorde." (august 1996)

    "Writing a song about absolute happiness, that's asking for problems. Thinking about hapiness is dangerous. In the end, sex is only great if you don't have to think about it." (february 2001)

    'It's hard for me to say that I'm a musician. A musician expresses himself with an instrument. I use my voice, not my guitar. But that doesn't make me a singer. I think I'm mainly a songwriter.' (septembre 2006)