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  1. britzelbeere says:

    Can anyone summarize? I don't understand everything, my dutch is way too poor to get what he is saying about Klaas in the first part.

  2. Q: "Are you the architect of the band?"
    A: "Pfff. It's my band. Every band needs somenone who does that little extra work. But I wouldn't and couldn't do it without the others. The band has good 'bouwmeesters'(*)."
    Q: "Is Klaas the secret weapon of the band? Did his role change?"
    A: "Klaas has an unique sound. He's been with dEUS from the start. Nobody plays the violin like he does. He gets things out of the violin, nobody can. He plays keyboards as well. On the new record, he's playing a lot of violin, but you don't recognise it as such. You'll see it live. He plays a lot pizzecato."

    (*) builders? contractors? don't know for sure ...

  3. Q:"What about the dynamics in dEUS 2008?"
    A: "You can compare the unity in the band with dEUS from the early days. And now we're older and we're having more fun. I'm not saying everything in between was a nightmare. But it's like relationships. You stay together too long, break up, you find a new girlfriend and then you think: why did we stay together that long? I don't want to analyse the happiness."
    Q: "15 years ago dEUS made its first record. DEUS stays hip, and popular among young people."
    A: "We're all music freaks. We find new stuf all the time. We work with young people. We have our influences from the past, but we keep our eyes open and stay sharp. Mainly we just love music."
    A: "What if the media say: dEUS is passé?"
    Q: "That would not be fun. But I'd say: come take a look at us live. But I don't want to worry about that, it's not a problem at the moment. We're here. Our gigs are sold out."
    Q: "Are you ambitious?"
    A: "I want to be heard. I want to realise the potential of the band. We're doing great. And to use a Dutch expression: "Vooruit met de geit!" Go with the goat? :-)
    "Ambition is not an ugly word. We want to move ahead."
    Q: "Is that something you've always wanted, moving ahead?"
    A: "Even more these last few years. I want to work more. I want to be more productive."

    (and speaking of which, now I have to go back to my work)

  4. britzelbeere says:

    Thanks a lot!!! You did a very good job in translating.