12 April 2008 at 16:08 posted by Jean-Yves 4 Comments

Tom Barman is on the cover of today's De Morgen Magazine. DM photographer Charlie De Keersmaecker visited the Vantage Point Studio several times during the making of the new dEUS album. There are 9 full pages of photos and texts, including an interview with Tom De Keersmaecker. You can get a preview of the whole magazine on the De Morgen website.
[thx to Thomas for the tip]

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  1. Jolien says:

    Actually the interview is with Charlie de Keersmeacker, not with Tom ...

  2. Jyves says:

    Yeah, I'm back from the book store with De Morgen, I saw that :) Fantastic photos by the way.

  3. meg says:

    yes! the pictures look great!
    I actually wanted to download the pdf version but I think I need an account or something. anyone of you have one and would like to share the files with the non-resident-in-belgium-friens? ....
    please ...

  4. Jyves says:

    Oh, I'm sure someone will scan them next week, when the new issue of DM magazine is out...