10 April 2008 at 15:52 posted by Bart Van Belle 5 Comments

There was an interview with Tom in De Volkskrant Banen last tuesday. You can find it here. Here's a quick summary (or a Google Translation) :

  • About the studio: they named it after the album title
  • Vantage Point meens favorable position
  • Tom says they wouldn't have the same sound if they wouldn't live in Belgium
  • He thinks the recording of Vantage Point was a picknick compared with the recording of The Ideal Crash and Pocket Revolution
  • The handclapping on Oh Your God was Dace McCracken's idea
  • He wants to stop with dEUS on its top, but he doesn't think they have achieved that already
  • He wants to work harder in the future
  • (for the groupies) He is single since two years and he would like to have kids once.

(thx to Roy)

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  1. music&mayhem says:

    oh thanks B. Can you translate all of it? ;-)
    finally! :-D groupies? huh? what are you yourself then if you're mentioning it. ok, i was kind of curious 'bout it so that makes me groupie TOO! zizzles BYE

  2. Jyves says:

    Bart is a married man with two kids. Last time I mentioned Tom's tight blue t-shirt to him, he didn't seem too interested.

  3. a crazy woman from Austria in disguise ;) says:

    take me take me !!! @ tom barman


  4. Jyves says:

    Sie heisst Eva und ist sehr nett, Tom!

  5. There was me, doing a little happy dance: "yes, he's single, yes, he's still free."
    And then there was Mr K (much beloved husband, father of my kids): "But you're not!"