15 April 2008 at 20:40 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Flemish (economic) newspaper De Tijd published an interview with dEUS-manager Christian Pierre and Klaas Janszoons today. They're mainly talking about the whole marketing-machine behind Vantage Point.

  • They wanted to release a new album pretty fast after Pocket Revolution, so they could make profit from the things they built up with PR and the tour
  • Christian consideres himself as a peoplemanager
  • He summarizes the campaign (Slow on Myspace, two singles, The Architect on Last.FM,...)
  • Klaas says they still have ambitious plan
  • They have always been a healthy company although their results are depending on album releases and tours
  • Touring gets more important
  • The deal with Heineken crashed on a non-working IP-filter (they planned to make the pre-listen only available to Spanish surfers, but that went wrong)
  • Christian says it's still important to score one big international hit and he's convinced there is one on Vantage Point

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