19 April 2008 at 13:56 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

There's a very interesting interview with dEUS-manager Christian Pierre in De Standaard. It also contains some old dEUS-pics.

Here's a short summary:
  • Christian and Filip (Eyckmans) were schoolfriends of Tom
  • They weren't musicians but they immediately started to manage the band
  • Christian stopped school and became their manager
  • They got loads of offers from recordcompanies after Zea, but they picked Island because they had Tom Waits and Bob Marley
  • They made no commercial compromises: Little Arithmetics nearly made it to the UK Top 40, but the noisy part probably ruined that
  • They started to make money independent from the recordcompany and copyrights at the time of the Ideal Crash-tour when they played all around Europe in rooms bigger that 1.000 visitors
  • They sell more albums than Queens of the Stone Age in France and more than The Raconteurs in The Netherlands
  • In the main cities in Europe they sell out venues from 2.000 to 4.000 places.They will go back to the States, but they're still looking for a good recordcompany that will support them 200%

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  1. K says:

    Go Standaard go! dEUS written as it should be. tom barman will be ever so happy! :-)

  2. cwolff says:

    De Standaard also interviewed Mauro together with Tim Vanhamel titled 'Kings of Cool'.

    Will try to translate some quotes concerning Mauro:

    He rarely gives interviews, but this time it seemed like fun together with Tim: I'm a clown with a Dries van Noten suit and Wibra underpants.

    Music is a job as any other job, it doesn't need more chit-chat. All he needs to say he does either on a record or on stage.

    His hands itch for the dEUS-tour. No more nerves, due to too many gigs with 'ball-orchestras'. And still, standing there behind the microphone with guitar will always be like standing in the nude.

    There's not a piece of wall in Flanders where Mauro hasn't casually leant against for photograps, as he couldn't find a comforting pose in the beginning.

    Tim: It has always been the passion that brought us together, not the playing techniques.
    Mauro: I hate 'perfectionisme'. Tommy (Barman) claims that I walk into the studio and play the song in 1 take. I have to restart 3 or 4times.

    He only wants 1 thing from music, which is to be enjoyed from it.
    He makes music by starting to think what his day could be like and creates a soundtrack with that thought. Silly enough something then also originates in real life.

    Afther the question if they want to leave Belgium, away from a dozed off Europe, he replies that it's very pleasant to live in Antwerp.
    He's in London on a regular basis and in all funky towns. But they shouldn't be overrated. Belgium is just as funky.