1 April 2008 at 14:50 posted by Bart Van Belle 6 Comments

This one is just in: dEUS will play a special gig at the Summercase-festival in Barcelona this summer. The old line-up including Rudy and Stef will play the entire Worst Case Scenario-album on an extra evening on July 17th. It's hasn't been confirmed if Jules will also join them on stage.

According to the Summercase-organisation they were dreaming of dEUS playing W.C.S. since they saw other bands like Sonic Youth Slint and Mogwai perform their most prominent albums in their entirety.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh shit, don't play with pur sentiments!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, we all know this is just nostalgy ;o(
    on April fool's day (but a nice one)


  3. tijs says:

    best one this year

  4. Kevin says:

    we all remember last time rudy en stef joined them onstage. rudy was so drunk he nearly fell off! (halles of schaarbeek 1999).

  5. pascal says:

    The 1st of april, isn't it?

    Otherwise, i'm waiting for the same in Belgium, just for one time!

  6. Anonymous says:

    it's SCOTLAND...