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There's an interview with Tom Barman on French website Evene, with a video in which he talks about Girls in Hawaii (he doesn't really know their music, but he's happy that they're breaking through, and they'll be playing at several festivals where dEUS play -- but not working with them, as the interviewer wrongly wrote), Zita Swoon (he adores Giving Up the Hero, thinks Stef is a great songwriter, but he wishes the music were a little wilder at times) and Jacques Brel (he's just too great to be covered).

In the interview, Tom stresses the importance of Klaas in the dEUS sound, because he plays the violin in a unique way, and also does keyboards & percussions -- which makes him the sportsman of the band when he has to juggle between all those instruments on stage. Tom loves playing Sun Ra and Oh Your God because they are very physical songs. He says The Vanishing of Maria Schneider took its final form when he tried to croon like Iggy Pop on his debut solo album The Idiot. He also claims that he'd love to sing in French, but he'd end up sounding like a bad imitation of Serge Gainsbourg. He's written a few songs in Dutch, but since dEUS is his "ticket to travel", he sticks to English with the band. He recently bought The Gutter Twins' Saturnalia, because he loves Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan, as well as the Beirut album.

Evene also reviewed Vantage Point: they give it 4 stars and think Oh Your God is the key song of the album.

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