4 March 2008 at 21:13 posted by Bart Van Belle 2 Comments

There's another band picture on the website of Melt Festival. It's probably from the same shoot as the photo I use in the header of the blog. The pics are by Steve Gullick. Gullick worked for a bunch of bands in the past like Depeche Mode, Mogwai, My Morning Jacket and Liars. An extensive list is available on his Myspace.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    think Gullick had a bad day shooting dEUS ... boring images, i liked the previous shoot by Alex Salinas better. He could have made something different for them this time that would look more exciting than these!


  2. What is this? From the book 'Boring/bored Images of Rock'n roll Bands', page 47: Still Live: 5 Cool Dudes, a Can of Beer and a Cigarrete? Or maybe it's humour ..., then I'm loving it!