28 March 2008 at 17:11 posted by Jean-Yves 0 Comments

A bunch of release dates have just popped up on dEUS.be.

Vantage Point will be released on April 18 on the European continent, on April 25 in the UK & Ireland and on May 21 in Japan. But the digital release will be on April 14 in Europe, on the 18th in Belgium and on the 21st in the UK. Nothing yet about the American release date.

Slow and The Architect will be released on a single disc (a "double A-side").

  • The CD single will be available in Belgium on April 1st
  • The 7" vinyl picture disc ("very pretty", I've heard) will be released in Holland & Germany on April 11, and on April 21 in the UK
  • Digital release on April 7 in Europe and April 21 in the UK

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