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Michael Borremans, The Good Ingredients, by Michael AmyAs you read yesterday, the cover art for dEUS' forthcoming album Vantage Point is a drawing by Belgian artist Michaël Borremans. Called "Two Circles", the drawing is part of a series entitled "The Good Ingredients". It's a lucky coincidence then that The Good Ingredients, a new book collecting his recent and less recent drawings, will be published in May by Ludion. The author is Michael Amy, and you can pre-order the book (which contains English and Dutch text) here.

Like his paintings, Borremans’ drawings look like solidified fragments of an indeterminate and elusive time. They introduce the viewer to a sombre universe, devoid of bright colours, in which characters do strange things or carry out bizarre rituals with a certain resignation. His detailed décors involve us in complex, surrealist scenarios that are set in an ambiguous world.

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