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There's an interview with Tom and Stéphane in French rockmagazine Les Inrocks. Here's a short round-up:

  • Tom says he thinks Vantage Point is more open than Pocket Revolution due to the problems they had while recording Pocket Revolution
  • The album is called Vantage Point because they have so good memories of the recordings in their own studio (which is called Vantage Point too)
  • Most of the songs were written by Tom, but a couple of tracks are the result of jam-sessions
  • He always writes song with the live-aspect in the back of his head
  • They've played bigger halls during the last tour and they liked it, so he wrote more songs that would fit better in those rooms, although he hopes they will not be labeled as stadium-rock
  • His reference as a live-act is Queens Of The Stone Age since they manage to play well both in smaller rooms as in bigger halls or festivals
  • Nick Cave was a big influence writing Vantage Point
  • He and Mauro are learning to play piano
(thx to Gaëlle)

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  1. Jyves says:

    So, the question journalists should now ask is: why is your studio called Vantage Point?