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There's a very interesting interview with Tom on Austrian public radio FM4, in German. The ORF website also has an article titled "Die belgische Schule des Rock", about dEUS and Mintzkov. A summary of the interview, with my limited knowledge of German. Contributions welcome:

  • TIC/PR: 6 years hiatus, PR/VP: 2 1/2 years - Why? The band didn't want to start looking for a new guitarist right after Craig left (for the first time) in 2000, then Tom started his short movie project, which became AWTWB, then there was the 2004 debacle, and Pocket Revolution was finally released after the new line-up was gathered. Vantage Point comes so soon because the band started rehearsing right after the PR tour, and having their own studio definitely helped.
  • On producers: while Eric Drew Feldman (IABUTS) was a very arty and creative producer, and David Bottrill (TIC) almost had to act like a psychiatrist for a troubled band, for VP Dave McCracken had a much more song-oriented approach, which led to more compact songs. His work with Depeche Mode perhaps also fave VP a more electronic feel, even though it was recorded the old-fashioned way and with just a few synth sounds.
  • Tom loves Tool.
  • About Slow: the interviewer brings up the discussion we had on the forum about the Slow lyrics. "Slow Up" is a play on words, and it's also the name of the first album of X-Legged Sally, whose members Vermeersch & Vervloesem produced WCS. There's a whole part I don't understand, but apparently "Vantage Point" stems from the different ways Tom & Mauro look at things. Slow is very much the key-song for the album. It's also the very first time all band members sang together on one song.
  • About Mintzkov's Lies Lorquet, who sings on Eternal Woman: she's got that 90's Kim Deal kind of voice that Tom was looking for. Asked about the similarities between Mintzkov & dEUS, Tom thinks the new generation of Belgian musicians isn't looking for a dEUS sound, but for a dance sound, like Goose have.
  • He's happy that his band mates have side projects, but dEUS must remain a priority. He is very grateful to Rudy for all the things he learnt thanks to him. Mauro is working on new Love Substitutes material.
  • About the state of the music industry: even if Tom knows about Radiohead & NIN's experiments in digital distribution, he's not that interested in technology. From his point of view things aren't that different: they still record albums, he still gives interviews and tours with the band... But he's sad about the disappearing of the album as a standard, he regrets that today's youngsters don't rush out to get their favourite band's next album and play it from A to Z. He misses vinyl. VP has 10 songs: 5 songs for the A-side, 5 for the B-side.
  • They've listened to 10.000 days by Tool before each gig of the last tour

ORF also have a rather nice concert review from 2005.

[thx to lovedeus for the tip]

Update: a Dutch translation by Wouter Verschelde
Update 2: an Englisch translation by lovedeus

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