25 February 2008 at 15:04 posted by Jean-Yves 8 Comments

Tom said on StuBru this afternoon that Slow would be the album's first international single, while The Architect is the single for Belgium.

Besides the new single The Architect, the only new song listed in the keywords of the new home page is Slow.

[...] The Architect,Slow,Vantage Point [...]

Does this point to Slow as a second single?

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  1. tijs says:

    and eternal woman, smoker's reflect, the vanishing of maria schneider...

  2. Jyves says:

    This is what I get when I view the source of the home page. I don't see the other VP songs in there. Do you?

    meta name="keywords" content="dEUS,Tom Barman,Klaas Janzoons,Stephane Misseghers,Alan Gevaert,Mauro Pawlowski,The Architect,Slow,Vantage Point,Pocket Revolution,7 days 7 weeks,What we talk about (when we talk about love),The Ideal Crash,In A Bar Under The Sea,Worst Case Scenario,Magnus,Any Way The Wind Blows,I Suffer Rock,ISufferRock,Community,Musickness,Craig Ward,Danny Mommens,Jules De Borgher,Stef Kamil Carlens,Rudy Trouvé,Tim Vanhamel,Guy Van Nueten,Zita Swoon,Millionaire,Antwerp,Belgium,Rock,Alternative Rock,Nothing Really Ends, Bad Timing, Instant Street, Include Me Out, Little Arithmetics, suds & soda "

  3. tijs says:

    i don't know anything about java or whatever, but Tom mentions four titles in his message + the new single, so that makes five new titles, toch?

  4. Jyves says:

    I was talking about the keywords mentioned in the HTML code of the home page. Those are used by developers to help search engines like Google refine their indexing. For a music website, you would usually (but not always) use the "biggest" song titles for those keywords - ie, the album & singles names.

    But this is mostly geeky speculation -- there must be a reason that the dEUS webmasters are using the album title, and only two other song titles, and I'm guessing the reason might be that it's because those songs will both be singles.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tom just mentioned on StuBru that Slow is the single outside Belgium. (where it's The Architect)

  6. Paulus says:

    Hence the video for the song of course.

  7. Jyves says:

    Oh yeah Paulus - that too :-) Ahah. I guess I need more sleep.

  8. KM says:

    Slow is my favorite track on the album, but it's a really dark song. The Architect is much easier to play on the radio, that's for sure. So it's brave to choose Slow as a single.