27 February 2008 at 08:55 posted by Bart Van Belle 6 Comments

There's an interview with Nick Cave in Knack today. At the time of the interview Cave had just finished his interview with Tom Barman for Spraakmakers and he was apparently feeling a bit dizzy. Cave says he felt like he did three interviews at the same time.

Wij vrezen het ergste wanneer we Cave, wiens teksten jarenlang heet van de heroïnenaald dropen, bij het betreden van zijn hotelkamer een pilletje zien achteroverklokken. 'Paracetamol', verzekert hij ons. Blijkt dat Cave voor het Canvasprogramma Spraakmakers net een uur lang met Tom Barman heeft zitten praten en dat zijn hoofd er nóg van duizelt.

Nick Cave: Een toffe en intelligente gast, maar ik heb het gevoel dat ik net drie interviews tegelijk heb gedaan. Als ik nog één fuckin' woord uit mijn mond hoor komen, schiet ik me voor de kop. Geloof het of niet, maar eigenlijk praat ik helemaal niet zo graag over mezelf.

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  1. meg says:

    hi, can anyone translate it in english ?!

  2. Jolien says:

    Here's my shot at the translation, don't shoot me if it's wrong:

    We fear the worst when we see Cave, who has been an heroin addict for yours, taking a pil while entering his hotelroom.'Paracetamol' he assures us. It appears that he has been talking to Tom Barman for the last hour and that he's still dizzy.

    Nick Cave: He is a nice intelligent dude, but i have the feeling that I've been doing three hours of interviewing. If i hear another f*cking word come out of my mouth, i'll shoot myself. Believe it or not, but actually I don't like to speak about myself at all.

  3. meg says:

    thank you jolien !!
    now I would really like to read the interview !
    I think it's a great idea to ask to an artist to interview another one, specially when there's some kind of link between their work.
    I know few years ago Tom interviewed Bonnie Prince Billy aswell, but I never found that interview on internet.
    does anybody knows where I could find these two interviews in english?

  4. Bart says:


    here's the dutch version of bonnie prince billy

  5. meg says:

    thanks bart, but I can't read the interview because I think I need an account or something like that .. I guess...I don't get a word, and probably wouldn't get a word of the interview anyway. I'll wait .. someone one day will transate it in english .. or I'll learn dutch ..

  6. delph says:

    this is really funny, as I saw nick cave and the bad seeds yesterday night and spent the whole gig thinking how inspired by them tom must be, and how much mauro is a nick cave lookalike (or the other way round...)