28 January 2007 at 20:26 posted by Bart Van Belle 6 Comments

Sad news: Marc Meulemans, the guy who did the dEUS artwork since 2004 has died last friday. Meulemans did the artwork for the download-only single If You Don't Get What You Want (summer 2004) and for Pocket Revolution (and the singles from it). He also worked for Magnus and Any Way The Wind Blows.

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  1. DDV says:

    mark meulemans was also a notable belgian new wave music pioneer with his band 'de kommeniste'. get hold of their all time hit 'de ritmische dans' from their only lp: (really) '1000 titels'.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correction: it's Marc Meulemans

  3. kevin says:

    that's sad news, indeed. I met him a couple of times during the making of Any way The Wind Blows. A very flamboyant guy and a great designer. RIP

  4. Anonymous says:

    Marc was also the chief designer of Deng, the (late!) magazine for which he made quite a few fantastic covers like 'Hitler Is Hip', 'Lijntje' and 'Padre dEUS' (Tom with a crown of thorns on his head). Hail!

  5. agnes_meyer@spe.sony.com says:

    very sad !
    to his family and all his friends:
    keep the good memories.
    Agnes Meyer

  6. kevin says:

    does anyone know the cause of his sudden death?