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Tom is Man of the year for Focus Knack. This week's issue has a 10-page interview with Tom. You can read it here. If anyone finds time to translate the complete thing, just let me now and I will post it on the blog. Since I don't have the time do translate it, I will only you give you some highlites.

  • As a musician he regrets music has become a song-only thing due to downloading.
  • They were namedropped a lot this year: Richard Ashcroft (Fucking ace), Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Maynard (Tool).
  • They bumped into Neneh Cherry backstage at ArtRock and Cherry outed herself as a dEUS-fan too.
  • At the same festival Tom danced on stage with the Happy Monday. The rest of the band who were in the audience were thinking they saw a Barman-lookalike.
  • His personal highlight was the gig at Sziget.
  • Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman about dEUS: If their hometown was New York or Manchester they would have been a world-act (Tom's answer: we ARE a world-act)
  • They asked Nicolas Roeg for the video of Bad Timing, but he was too busy.
  • Tom says the Werchter-gig was their best one in Belgium ever
  • Brian Molko was a bit jealous because dEUS was on a higher spot on the bill. He constantly called dEUS the co-headliner
  • They almost had troubles backstage at Werchter. Ton, the tourmanager, hung up a Portuguese flag outside the dEUS-dressing room after England was eliminated by Portugal at the World Cup Soccer. Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys were really pissed off.
  • dEUS has reached the magic barrier of 1.000.000 records sold
  • He has only seen 30 seconds from their gig at 0110
  • There will not be a dvd from the 0110-gig because a lot of artists are too uncertain about their performance
  • He has no concrete movieplans

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