15 September 2006 at 23:00 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

Some news from the 0110-website:

  • Studio Brussel will air the gigs on October 1st in a special edition of All Areas.
  • The location for the gig in Brussel has changed. Place to be will be the Paleizenplein
  • There will be an after-party in Petrol, Antwerp
  • New names for Charleroi: Loïc (Flexa Lyndo), Marka, Dave (Malibu Stacy), Aldo Granato,
    My Little Cheap Dictaphone, Soldout, Vincent Venet, Marie Warnant, Miam Monster Miam, Sophie Galet, Sacha Toorop, Ashanti 3000, Mika & Omar Perry, Sharko, Fabrice Lig & Dj Globul

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