7 July 2006 at 16:54 posted by Bart Van Belle 1 Comment

It really looks like Vlaams Belang is totally stressed by 0110. They're giving Belgian media lots of opportunities to write about the event.

Frank Vanhecke, Vlaams Belang's number one, has warned the performing artists they should be aware that they might sell less records in the future.

Another Vlaams Belang-politician, Francis Van den Eynde, has written an open letter about 0110. He's focussing on Helmut Lotti. Lotti was a member of the VNJ (a nationalist youth movement) in his youth and his father has been a member of Vlaams Belang for a long time. The letter ends with something that's close to a threat.

Tanguy Veys (also Vlaams Belang) has published contact-data from artists performing on 0110 and he encourages people to spam the artists with complaints. Veys was condemned for beating up a couple of students but he got suspension of punish. Since a couple of days he's posting links to this article on Hotellounge.com. He doesn't mention Tom and Craig were totally innocent.

Read the article on De Standaard Online. The open letter from Van den Eynde is on this blog. Other blogs about this letter Kerygma, Zonder Zever, Schuppe

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  1. "a couple of students"
    Is this fiction?
    Is should be: a whole school...

    Tom Barman is clear: "it is against Vlaams Belang". Ask him !