4 July 2006 at 08:03 posted by Bart Van Belle 0 Comments

All Flemish newspapers are writing about the 0110-event today: read the articles from De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, De Morgen, Het Laatste Nieuws and Gazet Van Antwerpen. And here's an article from Vrtnieuws.net

Some new info

  • the festival in Brussels will be named 'Schoon Brussel - Bruxelles La Belle', the one in Ghent 'Stem Vree Wijs'
  • locations are De Brouck√®re-square (Brussels), Vrijdagmarkt (or maybe Sint-Pietersplein) in Ghent
  • they're waiting for the Antwerp city council to approve the Vlaamse Kaai as the location for the gig in Antwerp. Negotiations seems to be very difficult.
  • De Morgen compares the gig with Live Aid (although I think they overreact a bit)
  • There will also be a gig in Charleroi

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