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Here's a round-up of the feature in Oor-magazine. The article is written by Peter Lissen, who also did a tour-report for Knack (France) and Het Nieuwsblad (Greece). This time he joined dEUS in Russia.

  • Klaas had a kind of breakdown in the States. He started crying on stage in New York. They were used to playing packed halls in Europe and I was difficult getting used to very small crowds in the USA.
  • Tourmanager Ton Maessen says Klaas wasn't the only one having difficulties. According to Ton the Pocket Revolution-tour is one of the heaviest tours he has done (he toured with The Bak Seeds, Black Crows and Inxs in the past). They cancelled a couple of gigs (Bilbao and Agen) because of that.
  • Manu Riche and Renaat Lambeets joined the band in Sint-Petersburg for the documentary about Tom. Tom's mother and sister also visited the band over there.
  • The article also mentions a couple of parties and a karaoke-performance by St├ęphane and Mauro. St├ęphane did Faith by George Michael and Mauro Heart Of Gold, Strawberry Fields Forever and Falling In Love.
  • dEUS has made it to the cover of the Russian Rolling Stone

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