14 April 2006 at 15:11 posted by Bart Van Belle 3 Comments

Sorry, but my Russian is not that good anymore. Here's an article about dEUS in Russia. And here's a blogreview.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well...; nice pictures anyway :-)(altough Tom looks like he hasn't slept for ages (know the feeling these days unfortunately not for all the fun we're having)

  2. estefania says:

    Hey, back in the old times, I used to know a bit of Russian so I gathered all my Russian memories and with a little help of dictionaries and online translators, that's why I could obtain about the article (but maybe I'm wrong):

    - It was the first time dEUS played in Moscow
    - Surprisingly they're quite famous in Russia and people waited for long to see them
    - They began with songs from Pocket Revolution and went on with hits such as Instant Street, Fell Off The Floor Man and WCS
    - Tom Barman seemed very glad to be there saying "Thank You" in Russian between songs and Mauro Pawlowski was playing with the audience.
    - Tom made sound effects with his voice thanks to 2 mikes
    - Big applause. They played Nothing Really Ends and the long waited Suds&Soda as an encore. They promised "See you soon"
    -After the show, you could hear people saying "They don't even play my favorite song", "I'm buying tickets for St Petersburg show"...

  3. Anonymous says: